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Our array of specialty inspection, maintenance, repair and compliance services aim to reduce costly downtime and maximize uptime. 




TEAM Industrial Services Industrial Repair
and Maintenance Services

At Team Industrial Services we offer a number of industrial repair and maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates safely and functions properly. Our more than 4,000 trained, certified technicians are available worldwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to reduce costly downtime and maximize uptime. From a single part repair to turnarounds and shutdowns — planned or unplanned — Team has the training, experience, technology and know-how to deliver high-quality maintenance, inspection, and testing services anytime, anywhere. Click on one of our many service offerings to learn more.

NDE / NDT Inspection

Validate the integrity of your materials, parts and components with our advanced testing methods and techniques.
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Heat Treating

Maximize heat-treating results with our precise control over the location and temperature applied to common and unique metals. Learn More →

Leak Repair

Prevent expensive shutdowns and product loss with our safe, controlled onsite and on-stream leak repairs or process.
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Emissions Control

Guarantee your compliance needs are covered. We’ve provided verifiable Emission Control services since 1980.
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Hot Taps, Line Stops

Eliminate line shutdowns and loss of product. We’ve led the industry in the delivery of safe, effective hot taps and line stops for more than 35 years.
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Field Machining Services

Receive cost-effective modification & repair of a variety of parts & equipment for most any industry on site and in-place or at one of our 24-hour service shops.
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Bolting & Torquing

Ensure leak-free and safe startups with our one-source technical bolting applications.
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Valve Repair

Keep your assets in optimum working condition with our full inline and on site valve repair services and maintenance programs.
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Concrete Repair

Restore the integrity of your floors, berms and more with our state-of-the-art materials and concrete repair methods.
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Isolation Test Plug Installation

Verify the integrity of your welds and pipes with our fast, reliable and safe test plug installation.
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Valve Insertion

Eliminate the need for line shut downs in the event of planned or emergency valve cut-ins.
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Mechanical Integrity

Ensure equipment is safe to operate now and in the future.
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Team operates two manufacturing locations that provide in-house design, fabrication and inventorying a wide range of products required when servicing our client’s valve repair, hot tap, line stop and various other needs.
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Specialty Welding

Team has delivered specialty welding services to meet challenging customer requirements for decades.
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Detect Cracks and Structural Flaws
in Real Time

Our Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing provides sharper detection capability for cracks, and is capable of displaying multiple presentations simultaneously.

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Is Your PSM Program Comprehensive Enough?

Team's Mechanical Integrity services
can help you avoid
costly fines.

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