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TCI Services, Inc. Tank Management

Project: Cone roof tank construction at an Oklahoma airport

Location: Oklahoma

Team Service: New tank construction

Overview: An airport in Oklahoma needed to increase capacity at its water treatment plant and contracted TCI Services, Inc. (TCI) to construct a new tank.

Need and Challenge: An airport in Oklahoma needed a company to construct a 55' x 30' cone roof tank in order to increase capacity at its water treatment plant. The area where the tank construction would take place was small and

heavily trafficked. This limited the use of cranes and other large equipment.

Solution and Outcome: TCI was contracted to handle the design, fabrication and erection of the above ground storage tank. The tank was coated internally with specific coatings designed to withstand the chemicals that the facility utilizes. TCI also equipped the tank with a variety of nozzles and appurtenances to assist with operations within the plant.

TCI met the client’s time frame while keeping the quality level high, and the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. TCI was able to achieve this goal despite numerous weather delays, a bomb threat, tornado warnings, and other shutdowns due to external issues.

"I want to thank you for the valuable input and tireless oversight you provided during the project,” one engineer told TCI after the tank was completed. "The has been a very successful construction project, coming in ahead of schedule and on budget, which is due in a large part to the supervision and attention to detail you provided in every phase of the tank construction.”


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