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Case Studies / Articles

Through TEAM's integrated service approach, the company provided cross-trained and highly-skilled technicians to assist with
complementary tasks during a major turnaround. Due to the use of a blended crew, man hours were reduced and a significant cost savings achieved without sacrificing safety.

Invisible gas leaks were safely and effectively eliminated using advanced optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras to discover and quantify the leaks and best-in-class on-stream leak repair technology to seal them.

BP wanted to put in place contingencies to ensure leak free smooth running of their pipelines in the Caspian Sea.
The project’s importance led to a number of solutions being sought and proposed, with several selected.

Specialized repair of primary structural concrete columns provides safe and successful solution to major integrity threat.

BNFL needed to perform modification work on a pipeline within the Sellafield plant, involving the attachment of a branch outlet so that additional pipe work could be added. Remote operation was an essential as work needed to be undertaken within a radioactive area of the plant.

Problems with the track joints on the hangar lift on an aircraft carrier were causing an uneven lift operation. TEAM’s field machining division repaired and re-profiled the can tracks on the hanger lift in record time.

Installation of a new extended reach well in the Caspian Sea demanded a reliable and versatile casing cutter, one able to cope with the harsh and intrinsically-safe environment.