Experience-Driven Asset Management Technology | TEAM

Few companies can match TEAM’s experience in asset integrity.

TEAM’s OneInsight™️ platform combines our decades of knowledge with digitally enabled asset management to provide the most robust and intelligent solutions on the market.

With OneInsight-Asset Integrity Management as a Service, you get the tools you need to manage and maintain your assets, along with data and SME-configured applications to drive optimizations and improve performance. Contact us today to learn how OneInsight can help you reach never-before-seen levels of asset integrity.

  • Assure
  • Assess
  • Optimize

Manage your asset work efficiently

Assure enables you to create and monitor tasks, stay on top of orders, utilize work-centric tools and view relevant KPI metrics.

  • + Data Management & KPIs Dashboard
  • + Work Manager (IDMS)
  • + Where’s My Order
  • + Bolting Calculator
  • + Data Retention

Ensure asset integrity at every stage

Assess provides a suite of tools for tracking asset status, performing integrity tests, reporting on KPIs and assurance data, and more.

  • + Asset Manager (Powered by CredoSoft)
  • + ESG Metrics and Reporting
  • + Remote Monitoring
  • + Flange Manager
  • + Valve Management Services
  • + Pacifica
  • + Signal
  • + Correct ER
  • + FEA Crack

Peer into the future and plan ahead

Optimize helps you tap into technologies like data analytics and machine learning to achieve maximum uptime and performance from your assets.

  • + Predictive Maintenance
  • + Automation

OneInsight is the only Asset Integrity Management as a Service (AIMaaS) solution backed by the experience of TEAM.

Where other companies merely provide tools, OneInsight goes significantly further by integrating decades of asset integrity knowledge and data into a highly intelligent digital platform.

Manage and maintain your assets with efficiency. Harness data analytics and automation to achieve unmatched performance. Talk to a TEAM expert today to let OneInsight power your asset integrity.

In our latest on-demand webinar, you'll learn how TEAM is leveraging the cloud to deliver Asset Integrity Management as a Service. In addition, you'll get to see our AIMaaS solution, OneInsight, in action. Register now for access to this recording.