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Digital Solutions

Technology-driven solutions that increase asset efficiency and reliability.


OneInsight™ - Asset Integrity as a Service

TEAM is focused on delivering actionable asset and work management data to our clients. TEAM provides the expertise to help migrate our client’s data into our Credosoft Platform. Once inspection data is migrated into Credosoft, TEAM creates interactive dashboards that provide our clients with insights on their assets’ reliability, sustainability and corporate compliance requirements.

Credosoft Integrity Management Software provides asset integrity management, inspection management and risk-based inspection methodology and damage modeling. The software is cloud-based, does not require installation, and can accommodate small and complex clients supporting multiple business units and geographical locations.

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Real-time Digital Insights that Provide Actionable Information

TEAM’s multi-disciplinary approach to detecting and visualizing damage in critical assets is changing the way owner-operators are able to accurately collect, manage, and archive inspection and maintenance data in a way that has been historically impossible. 

Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven inspection and maintenance processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations. This results in less re-work, more time-on-tools and less manual data entry for improved efficiencies. 

This platform, paired with TEAM’s integrated asset integrity management solutions, delivers shared capabilities that enhance planning, remote dispatch, quality assurance, and quality control while delivering relevant KPI reports via an interactive web dashboard.

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Increase Efficiency and Reliability with Digitally Enabled Solutions

  • Digitizing Work Processes

    Digitizing Work Processes

    Our platform enables the integration of specific code and corporate procedures to produce job-specific requirements. These requirements are then implemented via the platform’s digital work instruction. The advantage becomes that the platform:

    • Enforces all code, client, and TEAM procedures
    • Accurately captures the data without any re-keying 
    • Requires photo documentation and signatures
    • Provides secure and offline capabilities
  • Advanced Engineering

    Enabling Field Crew Efficiency Gains

    • Tasks are electronically provided to each technician
    • Procedures are encapsulated in "apps” which guide the technician through the work flow
    • Each tablet has geo-location capabilities which helps to track task and technician location
    • Each process is instrumented for time tracking
    • Hardened Class I Div2 hardware, with protective case and tool lanyard, is used to provide reliability and safety

  • Improve Processes
    • Track calibration and verification
    • Traceability to all equipment used in task
    • QR barcodes to track CR image plates
    • Hardware integration – UT and PMI
    • Virtual "toolbox” of instruments used for task

  • Automated Report Writing

    Data collected via TEAM’s digital platform automatically generates written reports significantly cutting down on time to produce the report and eliminates possible entry errors. Real-time reporting produces actionable information that can be acted upon immediately.

  • Visibility to KPIs

    Timely and Actionable Information

    Rich integrated capabilities and workflow enable users to monitor industrial data and assets, analyze anomalies and alerts, and manage cases through resolution using the TEAM Management Web Portal. Through the portal you can view:

    • Progress tracking
    • Performance metrics
    • Detailed inspection results 
    • Management summaries
    • Benchmarking
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