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Focusing on specialized aviation component inspection and repair.

Precision NDT Inspection and Repair Services to Keep Structural Threats at Bay

For over 30 years, TEAM has provided the aerospace industry with a one-stop-shop for NDT, metallurgical and chemical processing services. These services include inspections and processing of finished machined, as cast, as forged, and in-service hardware. Recognized for quality and expedited service, TEAM consistently meets delivery time commitments, providing the flexibility our clients require, with the capacity and willingness to provide innovative and customized solutions.

Our quality systems meet or exceed the stringent requirements of AS9100 and ISO9001. We are NADCAP accredited for NDT, metallurgical and chemical processing services and also hold an FAA FAR 145 repair station certifications. This gives TEAM the ability to provide cleaning and inspection services to a wide range of customers, including several MRO companies in the Americas.

We are currently expanding our capabilities and accreditations, allowing us to provide full dual release part certification and repair management services. In addition to rocket and airframe components, TEAM currently services components from the following aircraft engines as well as various military applications: CF6-80C2, GEnx, LEAP, GE90, CFM56-5, CFM56-7, Passport 20, HF120, GE9X, CF34, CT7

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  • Cleaning


    TEAM offers multiple approved cleaning processes for the aerospace industry. These include basic cleaning, three and four step heavy duty alkaline cleaning, cleanliness verification, steam cleaning, passivation and solvent degreasing.


  • Etching


    Our Etching processes include Macro Etch, Pre-Penetrant Etch, Anodic Etch, Alpha Case Removal along with Blue Etch Anodizing (BEA). BEA is a specialized, highly sensitive inspection technique used for detecting surface discontinuities and material defects found in titanium components, conditions potentially caused by machining and forging processes. TEAM is one of the few North American companies with the capability and expertise to utilize this technology.

  • NDT Capabilities

    Conventional and Advanced NDT


    The ability to provide non-destructive testing and analysis in one location is unique to TEAM. Our expertise in Ultrasonic Immersion, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Fluorescent Penetrant and Radiographic inspections coupled with our on-site cleaning allows for expedited processing of parts and recertification of used engine or aircraft components.


  • Metallurgical Laboratory

    Metallurgical Laboratory

    For many applications, the investigation of materials may include microstructure, mechanical properties, tensile strength and surface finish. These processes, including microhardness, along with the use of high-resolution imaging tools, aid in the determination of the lifetime and stability of a part. This helps to identify the application of the material for the aerospace industry.


  • Accreditations



    TEAM’s highly-skilled, well-tenured operations and technical teams are committed to providing a level of service that exceeds expectations. Whether its MRO or New Make Services our customers can rely on us to deliver fast integrated solutions to exacting standards, on budget with exceptional support. Click the Read More link to download TEAM's Aerospace accreditations.


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