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Integrated Solutions

Technology driven solutions that increase asset efficiency and reliability.

Performance Assurance Solutions for Total Integrity Management

Industrial organizations around the world face a common challenge: managing assets and infrastructure. Performance assurance is a key component for a successful asset management program to ensure that assets and infrastructure perform safely. Integrity management is critical as an asset may remain in operation for decades. 

TEAM responds to our clients’ needs for increased asset management efficiency and reliability with a holistic, digitally-enabled approach. We focus on providing higher value solutions with integrated services, covering projects from inception to completion. This allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools throughout the project. 

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Improve Efficiency and Reliability with Integrated Capabilities and Data-Driven Insights

  • Integrity Assessments

    Mechanical Integrity & Risk-Based Assessments

    We simplify your asset integrity management from the get go. With our integrity assessment and risk-based inspection programs we ensure the continued integrity and fitness for service of your critical assets.

  • Advanced Engineering

    Advanced Engineering

    Translate data into actionable information and insights with the ability to escalate assessments from industry standards to advanced, customized engineering.

  • Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & Repair

    Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance is essential in any asset integrity management program. TEAM’s maintenance and repair services resolve critical asset issues with timely, discrete to integrated on-line and on-site maintenance and repair services.

  • Inspections

    Conventional and Advanced Inspection Services

    Each inspection service TEAM performs serves to verify your assets’ condition, materials and components and general integrity with standard, specialty and proprietary technology-enabled NDE/NDT. Our ultimate goal is to maximize quality, safety and productivity in your critical components, equipment and processes. We provide accurate results, proactively detect issues, and can determine if a specific component is structurally sound. 

  • Digitally-Enabled Solutions

    Digitally-Enabled Solutions

    From planning through execution and report delivery, our digital solutions enable more predictive analytics for a greater level of asset performance assurance. Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven inspection and maintenance processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations.

Increase Safety and Productivity with a Single-Source of Contact

When asset integrity management services are critical to the successful completion of a project, subcontracting vital parts of the project to multiple sources can lead to longer turnaround times, lessened quality and increased costs.   

Working with a singles source that offers a fully-integrated approach to asset integrity management solutions lends itself to effective time and administrative management. From planning and scheduling to cost tracking and complete staff execution, we’ve got it handled. 

Our project management organization plays a key role in ensuring your project is uniquely structured based upon specific needs and how we can most effectively serve them. Efficiency is recognized when the best aspects of both operator’s and the contractor's programs are combined.

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