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Robotic Inspection Solutions

Revolutionizing standard NDT capabilities.

Verify the Integrity of Your Assets Using Innovative NDT Inspection Techniques

TEAM is revolutionizing standard NDT capabilities with the utilization of inspection robotics as well as unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Utilizing these technologies delivers a more efficient, cost-effective and safer inspection process option while delivering powerful insight to help mitigate risk.

Our full suite of technology-enabled solutions can be swiftly modified to adapt to any unique environment. From scheduled maintenance inspections and asset mapping to flaw identification and emergency inspections, our robotics services provide comprehensive assessments of your most complex assets.

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Learn More About our Robotic Inspection Solutions

  • Remote Visual Inspection

    Remote Visual Inspection

    NDT inspection technique ideally suited for restrictive areas and delivering concise visual data on asset and plant health.

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

    Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

    Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) used to capture inspection data in hard to access areas.

  • Laser Scanning

    Laser Scanning Services

    Integrated service solutions which apply 3D laser scanning and modeling technology to engineering and inspection processes.

  • Steam Reformer Inspection

    LOTIS® and MANTIS™ Steam Reformer Inspection Technology

    Two advanced proprietary inspection technologies used to conduct internal and external steam reformer tube inspections.

  • Core Values

    Key Principles that Anchor Every Aspect of TEAM

    TEAM's Core Values anchor every aspect of our business in a set of commonly-held beliefs and commitments. They represent what our company stands for, what values our employees embody, and what our services and products contribute to the market.

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