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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Innovative NDT technique to inspect locations that are normally difficult to access.

Aerial NDT inspections, mapping, surveying and modeling to acquire high resolution imagery and comprehensive data

TEAM inspection robotics team is made up of licensed drone pilots that are fully certified technicians. With their advanced inspection knowledge, they deploy drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to perform aerial NDT inspections, mapping, surveying and modeling to acquire high-resolution imagery and comprehensive data.

By utilizing drones, our inspectors can safely reach and study locations that are normally difficult to access including large or tall structures, as well as assets with confined spaces. Previous options for visually assessing a location hundreds of feet high were limited; either have a rope access technician descend from above or send a visual inspector up on a crane. Drone technology now affords a faster, safer and more convenient alternative.

Our inspection technicians are certified to FAA Part 107 and the American Society of Indoor Professional Pilots (ASIPP) to safely inspect areas in both GPS enabled and GPS denied environments. Quest Integrity’s inter-disciplinary approach of licensing our certified technicians to operate our drones equates to an enhanced focus on collecting the most crucial data for actionable insights.

Quest Integrity is a TEAM Company and its unmanned aerial services are offered and delivered through TEAM.

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  • Capabilities


    • Outdoor visual inspection
    • Indoor/underground inspection
    • Mapping
    • Confined space inspections
    • Thermal Imaging
    • 2D/3D modeling
    • Reporting
  • Fully-Certified Techs

    Fully-Certified Techs

    TEAM’s technicians are put through a rigorous, method specific, multi-level certification and training process resulting in the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced team. 

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

    TEAM responds to our clients’ needs for increased asset management efficiency and reliability by providing higher value solutions with integrated services, covering projects from inception to completion. This allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools throughout the project. 

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations.  This results in less re-work, more time-on-tools and less manual data entry for improved efficiencies.

  • Core Values

    Key Principles that Anchor Every Aspect of TEAM

    TEAM's Core Values anchor every aspect of our business in a set of commonly-held beliefs and commitments. They represent what our company stands for, what values our employees embody, and what our services and products contribute to the market.

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