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Isolation and Hydrostatic Weld Testing 

Enable efficiencies during field operations.

Safely Isolate and Localize Hydrostatic Testing

Localized pressure testing is a means of verifying the integrity of a welded or formed joint or flange installation/weld. It is commonly utilized in conjunction with other on-site services,such as machining or line stopping.

TEAM’s line isolation tools promote welder safety by isolating any upstream gases or vapor while welding repairs are affected to the pipe. During this process the annular cavity is monitored via the tool’s built-in through portventing system that allows for any pressures to be evacuated to a safe environment.

TEAM’s tools have a minimum standard rating of 25 psi back pressure. Once welding has completed, the same tool used for the isolation can then be repositioned to center the annular testing cavity on the new weld, which provides a mechanism to perform a localized hydrostatic weld test on the new weld. Tool sizes can accommodate pipes ranging from 0.5′′to 120′′ and test pressures up to 5,000 psi.

In addition to our internal isolation and weld testing tools, TEAM also provides external hydrostatic nozzle testing; no longer does a vessel need to be completely filled with water to perform a traditional hydro test on nozzle additions. TEAM’s nozzle testers allow for additions to be tested externally in a safe and cost-efficient manner with a minimal amount of water. This approach can save time and money from a shut down schedule by allowing other craft to work simultaneously inside of the vessel while testing is completed.

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Localized Hydrostatic Nozzle Testing

Traditionally, nozzle additions for existing columns, vessels, tanks or liners are tested hydrostatically by filling the entire asset with water and performing an internal hydro –a practice which covers internal pressure and applies tensile hoop stress to the weld.But the first solution is not the only solution. TEAM also focuses on external pressure by applying compressive hoop stress to the weld. This allows us to develop a process that is a safe, efficient and more cost-effective solution for your needs.Fully supported by the necessary calculations in order to meet the requirements of the most stringent engineering departments and authorized inspectors, TEAM’s proprietary process allows for the following capabilities:

  • Simultaneous testing of the flange to nozzle weld and the full penetration weld
  • No confined space entry required, allowing for other crafts to work simultaneously in the area
  • OD Nozzle tester replicates all of the same hydrostatic pressures and stresses of a conventional hydro-test
  • Provides the ability to apply axial load to the full penetration weld
  • Reduces traditional preparation and test times associated with conventional internal hydrostatic test methods
  • Minimal water usage required; reducing disposal costs
  • Standard Outside Diameter nozzle test capabilities include 0.75” thru 36”nozzles or flange to pipe welds


Learn More About Our Isolation and Hydrostatic Weld Testing Services

  • Advantages

    TEAM Advantages

    • Utilizes equipment with a smaller footprint and for easy installation and removal
    • Provides the ability to isolate in conditions where the pipe is pitted, corroded,eroded and out of round
    • Monitors the annular area of the tool in order to verify isolation
    • Through-ports any up-stream gas, vapor or pressures away to a safe environment, as well as purge through the center
    • Tests additional in a safe and cost-effective manner
  • Custom Applications

    Custom Applications

    TEAM can also provide engineered solutions to accommodate most any isolation/weld testing requirements. Special applications include, but are not limited to:

    • Plain End pipe testing using Grip Type style tools; these tools are industry proven to test service systems up to the burst pressures of the piping systems
    • Entire service system testing including spool pieces
    • Specialty tooling to isolate through valves and hydro test valve welds through the valve body
    • Internal diameter nozzle or flange weld testing using proprietary-designed internal cap with jack bolt type compression device to hold the tool in place
    • Under-the-weld Testing –Specialized applications allow TEAM to test Flange Weld-Slip On, RFWN, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Lens Ring,O-Ring,Tech-Lock, Grayloc and Orifice-Type flanges, Weld-o-lets on pipe for sample valves
  • Fully-Certified Techs

    Fully-Certified Techs

    TEAM’s isolation/weld testing technicians are put through a rigorous, method specific, multi-level certification and training process resulting in the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced team. 

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

    TEAM responds to our clients’ needs for increased asset management efficiency and reliability by providing higher value solutions with integrated services, covering projects from inception to completion. This allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools throughout the project. 

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations.  This results in less re-work, more time-on-tools and less manual data entry for improved efficiencies.

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