Hot Taps

Hot tapping provides a safe, reliable, and effective means to create a branch connection on ”live” piping and pressure vessels while they continue to remain in service. This eliminates lost revenue by avoiding often costly and inconvenient outages. Hot taps are typically used as a tie-in point for new piping but are also often performed as a means to deploy instrumentation without shutdown. They are frequently performed as an essential step in preparation for line stopping.

As the world’s foremost authority and pioneer in the field of hot tap design and installation, TEAM provides custom and off-the-shelf solutions to satisfy your unique project needs. Whether hot tapping a pressurized pipe system, storage tank, pipe elbow, blind flange or containment wall – you can count on our experience to see your project is completed safely, efficiently, and on time.

Our hot tap procedures follow methodical steps due to the specialized nature of working on under pressure systems. Highly trained and certified TEAM technicians perform a thorough review of every specific hot tapping application ensuring a safe and successful implementation.

TEAM can help your company

  • Eliminate shutdowns or service interruptions
  • Allowrevenue stream to be maintained
  • Avoid costly redesign of pipeline sections
  • Reduce cost of planning
  • Prevent emissions and loss of product
  • Ensure fast delivery of resources to your job site

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