A Sure-Stop line stop is a pipeline plugging system used for providing a positive line stop when having complete line stoppage of flow and product is crucial.  Sure-Stops are often used on flammable and noxious products such as natural gas, petroleum distillates, flare systems, and anhydrous ammonia.

Sure-Stop line stops provide effective shutdown of flow on pipes that are known to have limitations that can affect the quality of stoppage by other line stop methods.  Common issues that can effect the quality of a traditional line stop are out of round pipes, internal weld seams, heavy internal pipe build up of scale and deposits, and hot tapping shavings. 

The Sure-Stop line stop method does not rely on sealing on the pipe ID, but rather seals on a freshly machined surface that is “cored” through the existing pipe.  The Sure-Stop Head then intersects the existing pipe and is mechanical expanded, wedging a seal against the pipe wall on all sides.  The compressed seal provides a very fail-safe and positive line stop in most instances.

TEAM can help your company:

  • Provide positive flow stoppage when other line stop systems are limited
  • Offer a solution for work on systems containing flammable or noxious contents when complete line plugging shutdown is crucial
  • Work on out of round pipe, pipe with internal seams
  • Effectively perform a line stop on pipes with known internal build-up of minerals, ash, sludge, or other.



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