Combustion Heat Treating

Easy to implement responsive cascade control to the furnace.

Combustion Heat Treating

Most heat treatment processes require accurate control of the material temperature. With the advent of fast acting combustion burners and burner control systems it is easy to implement very responsive cascade control to the furnace.

TEAM burners are specifically designed to deliver the amount of heat required, commonly from 1 to 10 million BTUs (nozzle size from 2 to 8 inches, 51 to 203 mm). We also have burners that will deliver an astonishing 100 million BTUs. In addition to multiple safety interlocks and redundancies, these systems feature a turndown ratio of 100:1, which allows our technicians to vary heat output from candle intensity to full blast in increments as small as 1°F/hour. Output from 20HP blowers varies from 500 CFH to 168,000 CFH to ensure that heat is distributed evenly regardless of a vessel’s geometry.

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  • Advantages

    TEAM Combustion Heat Treating Service Advantages

    • Maximize the life of your process equipment
    • Temper the metal and reduces tensile stresses, minimizing the risk of brittle fracture, stress and corrosion cracking and metal fatigue
    • Ensure the structural integrity of the vessel or unit during treatment
    • Remove both free and chemically held water to minimize spalling and cracking
    • Prevent formation of thermal stresses that could weaken the refractory
    • Minimize the potential for slip plane Assure cross-sectional ceramic bonding for exceptional refractory campaign life
  • Fully-Certified Techs

    Fully-Certified Techs

    TEAM’s heat treating technicians are put through a rigorous, method specific, multi-level certification and training process resulting in the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced team. 

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

    TEAM responds to our clients’ needs for increased asset management efficiency and reliability by providing higher value solutions with integrated services, covering projects from inception to completion. This allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools throughout the project. 

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations. This results in less re-work, more time-on-tools and less manual data entry for improved efficiencies.

  • Core Values

    Key Principles that Anchor Every Aspect of TEAM

    TEAM's Core Values anchor every aspect of our business in a set of commonly-held beliefs and commitments. They represent what our company stands for, what values our employees embody, and what our services and products contribute to the market.

Heat Treating Parts and Equipment

  • SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System

    TEAM SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System Overview

    TEAM’s long history of building the most powerful, precise and durable heat-treating equipment in the world continues with the development of our advanced SmartHeat® Wireless Heat-Treating System. 

    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Software provide the brains of TEAM’s SmartHeat system ensuring that piping and vessel systems are heat-treated accurately and precisely every time. The system is driven by interchangeable computers that store time and temperature information in encrypted form. Heat cycle information for up to 48 inputs is continuously saved to log files as well as redundantly to the on-board memory during the cycle and is controlled wirelessly from a single computer. 

    Time and temperature data can be exhibited with each machine’s thermocouples per chart or separated out and displayed as a single thermocouple per chart, which provide for better oversight and quality control on small-bore piping or single-circuit heat treatments. Job information is entered prior to heat cycle startup and the final trend chart can be delivered in printed form as well as in digital format including email, CD or USB device. 

    Benefits of TEAM's SmartHeat Wireless Heat-Treating System 

    Enhanced Quality - Customers and TEAM support personnel can view real-time data from laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices on the same network. Reduced errors result when temperature requirements are verified from SmartHeat by TEAM's operation support personnel before and during heat cycles. 

    Better Record Keeping - TEAM's SmartHeat Wireless Heat-Treating System delivers clear, concise documentation for customers while guaranteeing chart accuracy. Each console includes a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with TEAM's unique SCADA Software and is equipped with backup on-board memory to store heat cycle data for easy retrieval should there be any communication interruptions to the computer. Documentation is saved electronically and stored locally on TEAM servers making it readily available for fast retrieval for auditing purposes and/or duplication. 

    Reduced Space Requirements - TEAM's SmartHeat System’s footprint is 40% smaller than traditional equipment. Consoles can be stacked in tight plant locations when limited space is available. The mobile generators minimize the area needed and the noise generated as compared to the larger rigs. 

    Minimized Risk - TEAM's SmartHeat Wireless Heat-Treating System further exemplifies TEAM's long-standing commitment to safe and injury-free worksites. The system streamlines the heat-treating processes, reduces equipment and labor requirements and ultimately reduces risk. The remote access control and monitoring helps to remove personnel from sensitive, congested and/or risky facility areas. 

  • XTR Data Logger

    TEAM XTR Data Logger

    TEAM's XTR data logger is the latest advancement in digital temperature data collection. It features a 12-inch touchscreen for operation and includes twenty-four inputs for logging temperature data as well as networking capabilities. It is powered by standard 120-volt power and includes our TEAMScada View software for viewing and printing trend charts. 


    Features and Benefits

    + 12-inch touchscreen user interface

    + Twenty-four Type K thermocouple inputs

    + Can be controlled from local touchscreen or remotely via a password protected web page on a networked computer

    + Color-coded indicators across all user screens to facilitate identifications and meaning

    + Calibration certificate expiration warning and lockout to prevent use of equipment with expired documentation+ Capable of being operated in English or Spanish

    + The free TEAMScada View software allows users to view log files that are downloaded to a USB flash drive or networked computer (using the TEAMScada Downloader) to create trend charts and either print or save in a PDF format 

    + Intuitive interface reduces training time and operator error+ Ability to operate the data logger locally or remotely allows greater flexibility of operation

    + A password-protected remote log-in ensures access to the system only by authorized users

    + Multiple screen views available for viewing temperature data based on the user’s preference

    + Log files create historical data of charts that can be saved which has never been possible with strip chart recorders+ Allows temperature data from analog equipment to be saved and used in a digital format

    + Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive 

    Main Menu

    Menus are simple to navigate by using the buttons on the touchscreen menus. The LED-backlit display makes it easy to view all information regardless of the environment in which it is operated. 

    Job Information

    Job information is entered per group of six inputs to facilitate data entry and traceability. Information can be entered manually, recalled from the previous job, loaded from a text file or copied directly from one group to another, which reduces time and entry errors. 

    Recorder Menu

    There are several options for viewing temperature data that can be set per the user’s preference and needs. The system can scroll through trend screens at a set pace or view temperature values for all zones at a glance. 

    Trend Chart

    Printed charts can be configured with multiple options including orientation, time interval and which pens to display. The hard-coded job information in the header ensures data integrity for traceability of performed jobs. 


  • XTX Heat Treating Console

    TEAM XTX Heat Treating Console

    The XTX Sixway control console is the most advanced heat treatment console in the industry. It delivers the latest in digital control and data collection, featuring a 10-inch touchscreen that combines the controllers, recorder and programmer into one device. The XTX provides six independently controlled, low voltage, high current outputs that precisely control the work piece temperature and provide the ultimate option for virtually any heat treatment application.


    Features and Benefits

    • 10-inch touchscreen user interface with all of the standard Sixway functional safeties
    • Can be controlled from the local touchscreen or remotely via a password protected web page on a networked computer
    • Eight soft keys for easy menu access from any screen view
    • Color-coded indicators across all program screens to facilitate identification and meaning
    • Capable of sixteen saved heat cycle programs
    • Onboard Help feature instantly aids users with any program feature
    • The XTX system has the versatility of being operated in either English or Spanish
    • Six control and six monitor thermocouples
    • The free TEAMScadaView software allows users to view log files that are downloaded to a USB flash drive to create trend charts and either print or save in PDF format
    • Intuitive interface reduces training time and operator error
    • Ability to operate the machine locally or remotely allows greater flexibility of operation
    • A password-protected remote log-in ensures access to the system only by authorized users
    • All program information is easily viewable on one screen rather than scrolling through menu options on a controller which reduces the potential for incorrect or missed settings
    • Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive 
    • Log files create historical data of charts that can be saved which has never been possible with strip chart recorders
    • Ability to save charts in PDF format allows them to be easily shared via email or USB flash drive
    • The XTX Sixway includes the same safety features that are built into all TEAM heat treatment consoles as well as additional warning features to help immediately identify potential problems such as reversed or missing thermocouple inputs

    Simple Interface
    Menus are simple to navigate by using the buttons on the screen or the softkeys on the display. The LED-backlit touchscreen makes it easy to view all information regardless of the environment in which it is operated.

    Easy to Program
    Zones can be programmed individually or copied to other zones to save time. Saving commonly used programs can further facilitate the ease of programming repetitive jobs.

    Real Time Data Access
    Viewing all six zones at a glace allows the operator to easily monitor and control the progress of all running jobs. Any set alarm conditions are easily identifies for immediate action.

    Downloadable Log Files
    Printed charts can be configured with multiple options including orientation, time interval and which pens to display. The hard-coded job information in the header ensures data integrity for traceability of performed jobs.


  • Twin Heat Module (THM)

    TEAM's Twin Heat Module (THM)

    Our THM uses the output of any AC or DC welding machine or transformer to provide up to two independent channels of temperature control for heat treatment. This power is typically supplied by a 65 of 86 VAC power source with a 200-amp per zone capacity. 

    Features and Benefits

    • Zones can either be run manually or as a set point programmer for optimal control
    • An optional 2-pen temperature recorder is available for data recording
    • Contactor control switches facilitate control of output power
    • Small size and portability allows the unit to be moved quickly and easily to job locations, including confined spaces
  • Controllers


    The Universal Digital Controller (UDC) used in the TEAM Sixway Power Control Console and Twin Heat Module are specifically designed to effectively manage temperature control. 

    Features and Benefits

    • The UDC-2500 model provides basic manual control while the UDC-3500 model has a set point programmer that has a special built-in firmware to facilitate programming up to five segments
    • The controllers have a bright, dedicated display which shows important values during operation as well as other status indicators
    • All configurations and alignments are completed prior to shipping so that upon receipt, the controller can be placed immediately into service
  • Recorders


    TEAM provides different temperature recording options including a traditional strip chart paper recorder or a paperless digital recorder which each offer their own unique benefits.

    Features and Benefits

    • All recorders are factory-configured for type K thermocouples but have a variety of other input options.
    • Available recorder options include a model as small as 2-pen up to 48 inputs on a paperless model. 
    • Both types are easily navigable through the use of a keypad or touchscreen menu prompts.
    • All models are available as a standalone recorder with thermocouple sockets and power cord which can be installed into an optional carrying case with removable front and rear doors to protect the recorder and facilitate movement to job sites. 
  • Power Cabling

    Power Cabling

    A typical electrical resistance heating circuit consists of:

    • A multi-zone Power Console (e.g. Sixway) with female electrical power connectors and thermocouple sockets
    • A triple cable set to bring power and thermocouple cabling from the power source to the heaters
    • A splitter cable to connect multiple heaters in parallel in the same zone circuit
    • A control thermocouple for the work piece

    Features and Benefits

    • Three-way splitters are standard for connecting heaters in parallel, but two-way and four-way splitters are also available.
    • Triple cable sets consist of a taped assembly of twin power cables and a thermocouple extension cable. Standard cable lengths are 25, 50 or 100 feet but are also available in custom sizes
    • All cable assemblies are built using multi-stranded flexible power cable covered with a thermoplastic rubber insulation that is resistant to abrasion, oil, acid, ultraviolet light and high temperatures
    • Cables and connectors are available individually to build custom assemblies for specific customer needs 
      and applications
  • Camlock Connectors

    Camlock Connectors

    Camlock connectors achieve an insulated locking connection with an approximately ½-turn for high-amperage circuits. 

    Features and Benefits

    • Connector sets are available in panel mount and in-line styles
    • Connectors are available in 150-amp or 300-amp sizes
    • Connectors are available with an economical fiber sleeve or industrial neoprene sleeves 
    • Sleeves and pins are available separately as replacement parts
  • Thermocouple


    TEAM carries a variety of type K thermocouple accessories including wire, jack panel, connectors, cable assemblies and attachment unit.

    Features and Benefits

    • The TEAM Thermocouple Attachment Unit (TAU) is a lightweight, portable welder for attaching thermocouples to the work piece to measure temperature. The minimal penetration depth of the attachment makes the TAU an ideal means to secure a thermocouple since the light marring is easily removed by light filing. Accurately measured temperature is the key to preventing expensive errors.
    • Thermocouple wire is available in Q/Q for up to 1200°F of continuous use or high temperature Cefir is also available which is rated up to 2200°F with continuous use. Both types of wire have a higher single-use maximum threshold limit as well.
    • Thermocouple connectors are available in standard and midget sizes.
    • A variety of thermocouple cable assemblies are available, varying in wire material, length and connector ends.
    • Thermocouple jack panels are available from two to twelve inputs in either a self-mount or screw-mount style.
    • TEAM offers many sizes of sheathed thermocouples which can be ordered in custom lengths if required. Thermocouple clips and putty are also available to mount these types of thermocouples to the work piece since these are not welded into place. 
  • Test Equipment

    Test Equipment

    TEAM offers different types of test equipment to ensure the best results. 

    Features and Benefits

    • The thermocouple simulator can source or measure ten common thermocouples as well as millivolts with high accuracy source resolution up to 0.1F°/C. An option rechargeable NiCad battery and adapter are also available.
    • The Brinell kit packaged in a convenient carrying case includes a large bar holder, scope, computing wheel and tablet along with test bars. Team carries several sizes of test bars and an alternate fillet weld tester for those hard to reach places. 
  • Heaters


    TEAM Flexible Ceramic Pad (FCP) Heaters are manufactured by weaving 80/20 Nichrome electric resistance heating wire through passages with interlocking ceramic beads. The interlocking bead design imposes rigidity along the heater length while allowing flexibility along the heater width, enabling it to confirm to the curved surfaces of pipes and pressure vessels.

    Features and Benefits

    • Standard 80V FCP Heaters have a surface area of 120 square inches and a thermal power of 3.6 KW with an electric current of 45 amps. Other heater sizes are available in 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-volt ratings with their surface area sizes and power reduced accordingly.
    • Custom size and shape heaters are available in all voltages.
    • Smaller heaters can be connected in series for standard voltages.
    • High temperature heaters are available for temperatures up to 2300°F.
    • Heaters can be assembled to custom mesh mats for insulated modules.
    • Repair kits and replacement beads are also available. 
  • Insulation


    TEAM carries a variety of thermal insulations that are best suited for on-site thermal processing because of their cost effectiveness in application and heat loss prevention. 

    Features and Benefits

    • Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and non-RCF materials are available. The knitted Cooperknit insulation is among the most popular non-RCF insulating materials supplied.
    • Custom insulation mats can be made either encased in a stainless steel mesh, sewn inside a welding cloth or the Cooperknit material can be cut and sewn to size without the need of an outer protective layer. 
  • Insulation Attachment

    Insulation Attachment

    Insulation is secured to work piece surfaces by means of steel banding or capacitance discharge-welded studs or pins and retaining clips. 

    Features and Benefits

    • The portable stud welder facilitates the ability to weld stud pins to work pieces from size 14-gague to a ¼-inch weld base.
    • Stud pins and washers as well as lacing anchors and quilting pins are stocked in 12-gauge sizes, but other sizes are available.
    • Team also stocks banding and banding clips along with banding tools as another method for insulation attachment. Tape and iron wire are other stocked alternatives. 

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