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TEAM Touch Point Corrosion Solution

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An Overview of Heat Treatment in the Refining, Power, and Petrochemical Industry

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Gas Leakage Find and Fix Utilizing Optical Gas Imaging & Leak Repair

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Aerospace Capabilities

For over 30 years, TEAM has provided the aerospace industry with a one-stop shop for NDT, Metallurgical and Chemical Processing services.

Field Machining Services

Dismantling of process equipment is sometimes impossible and often uneconomical. Enter field machining. Repair takes place on a piece of equipment without the need to strip it out and move it to a repair facility.

Bolting Assembler Training

TEAM understands the catastrophes that happen due to poor bolted joint integrity management. Learn more about our comprehensive training program involving bolt flange joint assembly, tightening disassembly, and inspection.

Self Leveling Machines Brochure

Self Leveling Machines specialize in machining very large circular and irregular shaped surfaces.

TEAM Single Stud Replacement Solution – Flange Safe

Flange Safe is the industry-leading solution that provides the ability to change out studs while maintaining joint integrity, monitoring for leaks, and providing leak sealing capabilities to the joint if necessary. Our certified technicians can safely perform Single Stud Replacement on 4-bolt and 8-bolt flanges

TEAM Touch Point Corrosion Solution

TEAM’s integrated touch point corrosion program manages all aspects of the integrity process from screening for damage to permanent repair assuring integrity – every time. Our unique turn-key approach to touch point corrosion integrity eliminates the need for operators to deal with multiple contractors, ensuring seamless integrity management of critical assets.

Did You Know – Chris Caraway, TEAM Pipeline Integrity

TEAM understands the complexities and challenges involved with Pipeline Integrity projects. These challenges can affect data quality as well as project execution and efficiency. We provide accurate and timely reporting to minimize the safety and environmental risks while validating in-line inspection tool performance and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

TEAM SmartStop™ Line Intervention – Overview

TEAM's SmartStop line intervention solution utilizes our patent-pending double block and bleed technology. Through a dual-seal approach, SmartStop achieves high-integrity isolations without the need for hydraulic systems.

TEAM High-Temperature Line Stops Animation

High-temperature line stops allow for maintenance and repair of ultra-high pressure, high temperature piping systems without shutting down the line. These line stops are utilized on specialized applications when pressures and/or temperatures exceed normal limitations. Permanent high-temperature line stops are also available to provide isolation of a piping system without leaving line stop equipment on the line.

Engineered Composite Repair Brochure

Engineered composite repairs have proven a key tool in achieving this objective and TEAM remains at the heart of the development and standardization of this technology.

Introducing TEAM PSP