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Providing our team continual training opportunities to  learn expert solutions for even the most difficult challenges.

Technicians Trained to be Experts in Their Specific Service Discipline

At TEAM we employ only the best, most qualified technicians to ensure each and every job is completed to the highest standards every time. Our quality management system requires quality indoctrination training for all personnel.

Additional training and documentation are required based on specific technical job requirements. TEAM provides training as part of the preparation for certification. That means the technician working on your equipment has been trained in that specific service area. We don't operate with a jack-of-all-trades attitude. This is why our team is able to provide expert solutions for even the most difficult challenges.

Training Resources

  • Mechanical Services Training/Certification Programs
    • Emissions Control Services
    • Field Machining Services
    • Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Freeze Stopping, HiStopping
    • Onstream Leak Repairs
    • Packing Extraction
    • Repacking
    • Technical Bolting
    • Valve Repair Services
  • NDE/NDT Training/Certification Program
      • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
        • Ultrasonic
        • Shear Wave
        • Phased Array
        • Time of Flight
      • Magnetic Particle Inspection
      • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
      • Electronic Magnetic Testing
        • Eddy Current Inspection
        • Remote Field Inspection
        • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) Inspection
      • Radiographic Testing
        • Film
        • Computed
      • Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection (Tank Floor Inspection)
      • Hardness Testing Qualification
      • Positive Material Identification
      • Radiographic Film Interpretation
      • Long Range Guided Wave Testing
      • Ground Penetrating Radar Testing
  • Heat Treat Training/Certification Program
    • Electric
    • Combustion
    • Induction


  • Third Party Certification

    TEAM technicians hold certifications through the AWS, API, NEMA, DOT, NACE, ASNT and CGSB. These technicians and inspectors can provide:

      • New Construction Inspections/Surveillance
      • Mechanical Integrity Inspections
      • Vendor Surveillance
      • Auditing/Vendor Evaluation
      • Equipment Evaluation, Code, and Standards Compliance
      • NDE Evaluation/Application
      • Inspection and Testing Procedures Development
      • Auditing Programs Development and Management
      • Quality Programs Development and Management
      • Corrosion Evaluation to NACE standards


  • TEAM Technical Training School

    TEAM's Technical School provides the tools to launch or advance a services career with the training and expertise from the industry leaders in a wide range of services.


  • Additional Training Resources

    Coastal/DuPont Training

    TEAM Employee Training Classes

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