OneInsight ® Digital Solutions

Experience-Driven Asset Performance Technology

OneInsight ®


Know what you have. Retrieve tactical information about services performed related to your assets and access a streamlined repository of status records for use and retention.


Know how everything works. Make informed decisions based on how your assets are working, performing and complying with regulations. Achieve improvements in safety, reliability, preventative maintenance, operating windows and continuity.


Know the future. Get the most out of your assets by knowing what to expect from them and how to improve them. Extend the asset lifecycle through solutions that leverage TEAM’s broad domain expertise in asset performance management.

At TEAM, our core focus is optimizing asset performance. OneInsight ® is a portfolio of digital solutions that draws on TEAM’s vast experience in asset integrity, inspections and mechanical onstream services.

Within OneInsight ®, you’ll find the technology you need to effectively Assure, Assess and Optimize your assets. From deployment to end-of-life, OneInsight ® digital solutions ensure peak efficiency, compliance and performance.


Asset Integrity Management as a Service.

See AIMaaS

API Inspection

Digitizing and Automating API Inspection.

See API Inspection

Flange Manager

All-In-One Flange Data Management System.

See Flange Manager

Service Management

Interactive Work Management.

See Service Management

Remote Asset Monitoring

Asset Intelligence From Anywhere.

See Remote Asset Monitoring

Valve Management Solutions

Comprehensive Digital Solutions From TEAM.

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