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Remote Visual Inspection

Receive clear concise visual data.

Receive Clear and Concise Visual Integrity Data with Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) utilizes highly skilled and experienced inspectors, deploying a wide array of video borescopes, remote operated cameras, robotic crawlers, and specialized tooling to deliver clear concise visual data. This inspection method enables visual inspection of nearly every plant system and component without confined space entry or costly disassembly. All RVI activities are supported with comprehensive detailed reports that include all pertinent data points and images to document asset health.

RVI also facilitates foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR). TEAM's skilled technicians equipped with robotic cameras and extraction tools can help to ensure your systems and equipment are free of foreign object debris (FOD). Foreign materials endanger plant efficiency, operability and safety by disturbing water chemistry and posing a significant threat to rotating machinery.

Quest Integrity is a TEAM Company and its remote visual inspection products and services are offered and delivered through TEAM. 

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  • Additional Capabilities

    TEAM and Quest Integrity can help your company:

    • Reduce confined space entry
    • Minimize operational and safety risk
    • Reduce a lockout/tagout profile
    • Reduce or eliminate equipment disassembly
    • Improve documentation
    • Increase inspection coverage
    • Enhance repeatability
  • Fully-Certified Techs

    Fully-Certified Techs

    TEAM’s technicians are put through a rigorous, method specific, multi-level certification and training process resulting in the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced team. 

  • Integrated Solutions

    Integrated Solutions

    TEAM responds to our clients’ needs for increased asset management efficiency and reliability by providing higher value solutions with integrated services, covering projects from inception to completion. This allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools throughout the project. 

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Our digital platform turns slow paper-driven processes into streamlined, fully-automated and fully transparent operations.  This results in less re-work, more time-on-tools and less manual data entry for improved efficiencies.

  • Core Values

    Key Principles that Anchor Every Aspect of TEAM

    TEAM's Core Values anchor every aspect of our business in a set of commonly-held beliefs and commitments. They represent what our company stands for, what values our employees embody, and what our services and products contribute to the market.

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