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Maintenance and Repair

Eliminate the need for costly shutdowns with specialized on line and on site maintenance and repair services.

Empowering Greater Reliability and Efficiency with Integrated On-line Maintenance and Repair Solutions

Lifecycle extension, minimized part replacement and increased efficiency are key to business competitiveness. Through our unique ability to deliver integrated integrity solutions, TEAM empowers greater operational safety, asset efficiency, and critical reliability. We resolve critical asset issues with timely, specialized and technology-driven on-line and on-site maintenance and repair services. Delivering the necessary services from project inception to completion allows for time and cost saving opportunities to be identified from reduced man hours and increased time on tools. Safety protocols, training requirements, process expectations and support teams are consistent across the entire job.

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Solutions Specific to Your Industry

In our decades of operation, our team has acquired a wealth of industry specific maintenance and repair technical and operational knowledge. Our advanced integrated solutions are based on in-the-field experience where we consult and deliver asset integrity management services and data-driven insights.  Very little ramp-up time is required to understand your industry-specific challenges and to find real, viable and proven solutions to produce meaningful results.

  • Refining

    Improve Your Facility’s Competitiveness and Extend Asset Life

    To keep equipment up and running, it is not unusual for downstream operators to processes some 20,000 maintenance work orders per year, per facility. These work orders ensure equipment reliability, environmental regulations are met, and that continuous production is not interrupted by equipment failures. At TEAM, we provide integrated inspection and repair services to verify the integrity of equipment and quickly repair damaged components, saving time and reducing costs.

  • Pipeline

    Verify and Stabilize the Integrity of Your Pipeline Components

    Millions of miles of pipeline carrying everything from water to crude oil circumnavigate the globe. The pipe is often susceptible to damage by internal and external corrosion, cracking, and manufacturing flaws. At TEAM, we provide integrated solutions to verify the integrity of pipeline equipment and quickly repair damaged components, saving time and reducing costs.

  • Power

    Maintain the Integrity of Your Power Equipment

    The management of thermal and renewable power assets at power plants requires that a strategic plan be put in place to maintain the integrity of the equipment and ensure optimal production. From inspection of turbine shafts to in-service valve installations on cooling lines TEAM has the experience, equipment, and locations to keep your power generation equipment in service.

  • Manufacturing

    Detect Early Signs of Equipment and Machine Fatigue

    In any manufacturing facility the equipment used requires a level of maintenance to ensure that the manufacturing process is not disrupted and optimal production can be achieved.  Whether your operations follows predictive maintenance, preventative maintenance or corrective maintenance procedures, detecting early signs of equipment and machine fatigue can save you on costly repairs and extend your asset life cycle for an optimal manufacturing operation.

  • Additional Industries Served

    Additional Industries Served

    TEAM provides industry applications and a wealth of advanced solutions to boost productivity and set new standards of operation efficiency. Our long history of on-site, in the field experience enables us to truly understand some of the greatest integrity challenges our customers face on a daily basis. These challenges push us to make continuous advancements in our full line of offerings to provide the best possible outcomes.

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